Online Typing Jobs without Investment | Daily Earn 20$

Online Typing Jobs without Investment | Daily Earn 20$

I’m working online in 2009. For me, there are more than 10 years of searching for all types of jobs.

In many years I come across many jobs and are really real but at the same time, some jobs are cheating.

Although online jobs are available even though you can talk about this article, we will focus only on job typing.

We will start asking questions – are there any real online typing jobs?

Answer yes yes but very few. Finds a company that works regularly to you and plays on time is very difficult.

However, still, you can do it.

Where to Find Real Online Typing Jobs?

There is an important thing to find typing jobs from home – registration free.

If a company provides a typing job without investment and registration fee, it can be real, but if they ask for a registration fee, do not ignore this company.

Learn more than 10 years of experience that I’ve found there are 3 ways to find real online typing tasks from home.

Find typing jobs on job portals:

Jobs, employers, malls, shades, glasses, etc. can help to type jobs available in your city.

You just go to those sites and type in “Online Typing Jobs” and see what results they offer.

You have to go through every listing, read the details of the maid, visit their website, and call them on the phone to call them.

This is not very effective but is still a way to find jobs online.

Looking for freelance sites:

You can also visit Freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, where thousands of projects are available for all kinds of tasks.

Under the written section, see if you can find typing jobs?

You can also go to Amazon MTurk to find data entry work including online typing without investment. For more details please visit here

There are also sites like Inbox Deals, Nobox, Suggested, which offer little online typing job without investment, but the revenue is low and you can ignore them.

Not far from the previous one but is still better!

Looking for a company directly:

The third way to find online typing jobs is the most appropriate way. Looking for a company directly on the internet!

You go to Google, type keywords, go through one of the search results, and manually research the real company.

Not only do you go to their website to get more information about the company, but talk to them on the phone and make sure all the small details like work, registration fee, payment, eligibility, etc.

For example, I have done some investigation and come into a few companies that provide real-time typing work from home without investment and registration fees.

Employment profile: Most of the time is easy typing work where you change the MS Word document in the email address. Read e-book in PDF format and write in the MS Word document.

Qualification: You must be more than 16 years old than knowledge of English.

You must be careful before meeting the company. Always take a company with an office, no registration fee and you can see them individually.

Types of online typing jobs:

My experience is the most common type of online typing you can find in India, changing the e-book or image file in e-bookmarks. You read from a PDF or an image file and type in a word document.

However, there are some other types of online typing

1. Copy and paste

Here you basically copy an MS Word file from another word file and make some basic formatting. Find More Here!

2. fill the survey form and form

You survey different survey forms for online survey jobs. You have to answer some simple questions that do not exceed 2 minutes.

3. Ad Posting

You copy and post ads to different ranking sites. The maximum type of job of these type of jobs is not a typical typing job when you can get a payment for the sale.

4. Captcha

You already know what Kappa typing has done. You have to type captions through software or online on the company’s website.

5. Data entry work

Other data entry jobs like transmission work, writing in the Excel file, writing, and editing, etc. are paragraphs, etc.

Qualification standards and basic requirements:

Do not do this as a cake walk. Your skills are needed

  1. Delicate knowledge of English
  2. MS Word and MS Excel Base
  3. The typical speed of word words
  4. Over 98% accuracy
  5. Handling and overtime work overload
  6. To get started, you only need a computer with an Internet connection.

How much money do you earn?

If you are usually serious about typing online typing jobs or data entry, you get 3 to 4 years experience if you earn 15,000 / month.

If you are the first, you can pay Rs. 10,000 / – per month Rs 10,000. Can Expect

However, you want to work 6-7 hours daily.

You mainly get PDF files/image files from converting MS Word documents or data entry tasks. For newcomers, this is a very difficult task.

The rest of the tasks like post posting, form fill, and copies and paste are not very reliable.

What should not you do?

Perhaps this is the most important part of the article. Generally, maximum typing jobs on the Internet are just scams.

It is very common that someone who is new to the Internet can fall for their betrayal.

Below is an example of two such sites that should not fall for you.

The first is a company named Vibgyor Information Pvt. From the outside, they look very real. They have a website, an office and a person you can talk to.

Actually, I also called them and they asked me to join the company after paying a registration fee of Rs. 9500 / -.

But I did not cause 2 main reasons.

You have to pay a registration fee to get this job done.
When writing this post, he recorded 9 typing jobs on his website. He gave a state holiday, asked to submit another fee in every state.
It is possible that hundreds of people submit the same day to their account. If only 1 free space, other people will not get paid even after paying.

The second one is a group of the following sites.

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