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Data entry jobs are often used in home-based schemes, so check all data entry opportunities carefully. Learn how to recognize data entry schemes, and do not pay for kits or software. Remember that data entry does not pay too much, so be able to pay jobs for any daily payday.

These offer the entrepreneurship of various types of data that you can do from home. To learn more about these tasks, read more about online data entry.

These are different from the transmission jobs, entering the database or another form of medical coding. Maximum transmission work usually requires more skill level than normal data entry work. The entry recorded on this page has the entry level. Similarly, medical coding jobs require more education and experience than the data entry jobs listed here.

Some also provide job-based data entry in-house with job-based data. Anything has also been done by center jobs. Maximum tenant fine contractors for data entry. However, it is not necessary that all are working at this time.

01 AccuTran Global:

Although most jobs are transmission jobs in this company, no ordinary data entry is done, it rentes people who score well on their application review. Every word plays Lives in the US, Ukraine, and Canada.

02 Axion Data Services:

This company accepts applications when its job is available, which is often not often. Data entry jobs in this company pay contractors allotted to a permanent piece.

03 Amazon’s Mechanical Turk:

While the Wondering Division of the online retail company does not possess traditional data entry, it is worth mentioning that the same can be similar to online exchange data entry work for small tasks. This can be time-consuming, which does not play well despite the Amazon Division.

04 Capital Typing:

South Carolina based outsourcing company provides virtual office services. In addition to its transportation and data entry jobs from home, it offers online customer support, translation, and security service.

05 Birch Creek Communications:

Although this company maintains mostly legal and common transmissions, it has ever been the most basic data entry job available.

06 Clickworker:

Crowdsourcing company retains data entry along with the globe, maintains independent contractors for translation and research. The work is done in very short tasks, it is making a micro job. Pays per piece based. Prior to registration and evaluation, “Click workers” can start working for payment.

07 DataPlus +

Data Entry and Document Scanning Company, which is located in Georgia, provides free contractors for home-based data entry work from home.

08 DionData Solutions:

Saves at least 60 Wpm for data entry jobs and typing typical computers with typical computer skills. No application fees.


Companies post in web sites and internal databases for data entry workers and examine the evidence. 30 words are required per minute. $ 10.50 / hour plays. When the covenant is available, they are published on their website.

10 Quicktate or iDictate:

The company provides a movement of audio fairs and other audio content through domestic transactions to employees. Percentage rate (instant) or 1% per word (statement) paid a word. It is expected to earn $ 5-7 / hour at 50 /5 pm. The successful Quicktate Transmissionist can get work from iDictate, which cites a wide range of documents.

11 Scribe:

Freelance Transmitter audio files choose to broadcast each audio hour at $ 10. Files are 6 minutes or less. Opportunities for an overview.

12 SigTrack:

On the occasion of crowdsourcing online, freelancers have processed voter registration and application. Payment is based on a piece of the piece, made according to adjustment and PayPal.

13 Working Solutions:

The company retains independent contractors for call center and data entry jobs across the United States and the United States. However, US applicants have been targeted for Call Center jobs.


Best Data Entry Jobs From Home

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