How to Get Android 11 Temporary Permissions Feature on Any Android Phone

How to Get Android 11’s Temporary Permissions Feature on Any Android Phone. Now that Google has released the first developer preview for Android 11, we are officially entering the time of year with features, changes, and updates for Android 11. If you’re a Pixel user, you can install Android 11 right away, and that’s great, but the only problem is that not everyone uses a Pixel smartphone, or they have something funny.

Is. This means you may not be able to experience advanced features, such as new temporary permissions for Android 11. Well, sorry, we’re here to tell you how you can get temporary, one-time permissions for Android 11 on any Android phone without rooting.

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How to Get Android 11’s Temporary Permissions Feature
How to Get Android 11’s Temporary Permissions Feature

Get Android 11’s One-time Permissions on Your Phone

The great thing about Android phones is that third-party apps can really enhance your phone’s capabilities, and just like that, we’ll get temporary permissions like Android 11 on phones like Android 11. Party app called ‘Bouncer’.

First, install the Bouncer ($ 1.49 / $ 75) from the Play Store. Launch the app and tap on ‘Enable Bouncer’. Now, under ‘Download Services’ tap on the bouncer and turn it on.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install a bouncer on your phone. The bouncer only works for new permissions. I recommend that you reset your permissions for all apps using this app option to ensure that no app has unauthorized access to any permissions.

Now that the bouncer is set up on your phone, you can continue to use your phone as you normally would. Whenever an app asks for your permission, you can give it to them as they see fit, and when you press the Home button to exit the app, the bouncer will ask you if you want to revoke permissions from the app. ۔ It’s very straightforward and easy to use.

Also, if you are allowing that you do not want to revoke the bouncer, you can simply tap the “cap” to tell the bouncer to keep the permissions active.

Note: The bouncer does not test previous gestures or back button presses. So, if you want the bouncer to acknowledge that you left the app, and revoke the permissions, you’ll need to exit the app by pressing the home button.

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Use Android 11’s Temporary Permissions on our Smartphone

Although it is not exactly the same as Android 11’s well-designed dialogue boxes that have more control in the hands of the user, the bouncer brings similar functionality to any Android smartphone regardless of whether it runs the latest version of Android. Is. With the bouncer, you can be sure that apps will not have uninterrupted access to your camera or microphone – which is a major privacy concern today.

So what do you think about the temporary authorization feature of Android 11 and have you used the bouncer yet? Let me know in the comments.

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