How to increase Typing Speed – Top 5 Effective Tips to Improve Your Typing Speed

How to Double or Triple Your Typing Speed. Take Our Typing Speed Test and Prove It for Yourself.

When I was about 8 years old, my family bought a computer and some typing software that not only taught you to type like a professional, which would add the right place to your hands and Indications for increase in productivity include a short rapid typing test to calculate how many words you write per minute (WPM).

In the 1990s, it was very advanced technology.

In fact, typing skills learning has not improved much since that time, though you can now take a simple typing speed test online.

Go ahead, try below with this nifty typing speed test below and find out how fast you can type.

This quick test will speed up your basic line typing, so we can track your improvement when you implement the tips in this article for faster typing.

Keep reading after your test because I’m going to show you how to double or even triple your writing speed.

Once you’ve completed this article you can take the test again to find out how you work!

Average Typing Speed:

If you type at average speed, you should be able to hit 41W per minute (WPM).

Although 41WPM typing is only average on average, it is more than enough for most jobs that you have to write or type on a keyboard to help you qualify, such as secretary. , Accountant, or typist.

However, if you want to improve your job and get better results, you should learn to type faster and improve your typing speed so you can work more in less time. If you invest in just one job skill this year, invest in training yourself to type faster because this common skill will pay huge dividends for your entire life and will help you to consolidate. Can help.

Top 5 Effective Tips to Improve Your Typing Speed:

  1. Find the time to master the keyboard and practice your fingers.

Extensive typing training is not required. The important thing is to get used to the activity. Think about it as if you were playing a console or computer game. If you don’t master the control keys and you don’t actually spend time playing then you can’t do well. You can read books that teach you how to use fingers but if you are not able to put them into practice then these ideas will be useless.

2. Be sure to use all ten fingers:

No finger should be useless unless you are typing an article that has no specific fingerprints on it. Finger letter assignments are ideal.

  • Left Pinky Finger – 1, Q, A, Z, `, Tab, Caps Lock, Left Shift
  • Left Ring Finger – 2, W, S, X
  • Left Middle Finger – 3, E, D, C
  • Left Index Finger – 4, R, F, V, 5, T, G. B
  • Left and Right Thumbs – Space Bar, Alt
  • Right Pinky Finger – 0, P, ;, ?, -, {, }, “, \, Backspace, Enter, Right Shift
  • Right Ring Finger – 9, O, L, >
  • Right Middle Finger – 8, I, K, <
  • Right Index Finger – 6, Y, H, N, 7, U, J, M

It is recommended that the fingers be anchored on the domestic keys so that they can easily reach the rest of the keys. The left pink, colored, middle and index fingers are anchored to the keys A, S, D, and F, respectively. The right set of fingers, on the other hand, are for the letters J, K, L, and. Some keyboards provide small but easy-to-feel collisions for the F and J characters so you can quickly find them by just touching the keys. Once you place your index fingers on their respective home keys, you can easily place the rest of your fingers on their respective home keys.

However, it is important to remember that if you are not comfortable with key assignments by finger, you can always go for something as long as you are more comfortable as a result of faster typing. Make sure to put the time and effort into getting accustomed to the fingers recommended responsibilities, however, they have been proven to be the most efficient and easiest to learn.

3. Master touch typing with a relaxed stance:

Touch typing is basically typing without looking at the keyboard. It crosses the keyboard by touch, observing the use of the right fingers for the right keys. You will need weeks or months to master touch typing but you do not need to spend a lot of time on it daily. Whenever the opportunity arises, follow it. Prevent yourself from seeing the keyboard every time typing is done. Lastly, you will master the right licking skills with the right fingers. Also, make sure that you are not straining while touching.

Keep your wrists and fingers comfortable. Remember that if it hurts, this is not the right position for you. Avoid forcing your pace if it forces your hand. Don’t feel bad about using backspace or deleted keys too often during your touch typing training in the first few weeks or months.

4. Use typing tests or training tools:

There are many online and offline tools that can help you improve typing speed. Don’t hesitate to use them. Go for people who provide exercises or tests that contain multiple texts and provide detailed statistics about your typing speed, including a number of strokes, misspelled words and keystroke errors. You may not realize it, but the number you see when you complete a test or exercise can be overwhelming. They want you to improve their typing, or see how your typing speed is not constant.

5. Participate in typing clubs and contests: 

Sometimes you just need motivating motions to improve your typing speed and you can’t push yourself. Attending typing clubs and competitions (usually online) can be a great way to find inspiration. Learning to collaborate with newbies is often useful for speeding up typing. Through these clubs or groups, you can learn from the problems others face and find tips on how to deal with them.

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How to Increase Typing Speed

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