How to Lock any Incoming Call – best security app For Android

The upcoming call lock is the best security app to lock the incoming call available on the game Store. This is an essential request. This application will protect the incoming call of your phone which will be selected further. This application will not see any caller number, name, or any other details such as password input screen on the screen. The upcoming call lock gives you the flexibility to use it according to your instructions.

The best security application is to increase the call lock to push the open call to the call shop.

This application will check your telephone.

This application will not provide any interface to see the guest number, name, or some different subsidiaries, such as the query-specific information on the screen.

Increasing the call lock provides you the flexibility to use the course that shows through your course.

You can lock the view or temporarily archives as the lock.

No one can get any calls by raising calls using any headphones and increasing calls.

Call auto-break on any point with the key of the wrong puzzle on different events.

Call lock prevention for preventing call by the processor.

Lock screen background show check or 6 basis checks can be done.

App Features: –

  1. Enable / Disable incoming call lock
  2. As a lock screen, you can choose pattern lock or password lock.
  3. Using the earphones cannot pick up the calls and talk to your incoming calls.
  4. The auto-connected call is tried three times with an incorrect error.
  5. Caller type lock settings: All, famous, unknown, selected
  6. Show name settings
  7. Call off
  8. Call lock prevention by the processor.
  9. Unlimited screen background gallery or 6 backgrounds can be selected.
  10. Pattern display settings
  11. Fingerprint unlock


Application Download Click Here


How to Lock any Incoming Call

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