Jobs in Dubai Supermarket 2023 (Visa Sponsorship and Work Permit Available)

Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity in the fast-paced world of supermarket retail in Dubai, UAE, in 2023? We have a range of job openings at supermarkets, each offering Visa Sponsorship and Work Permit availability. Join our team and be a part of delivering quality products and services to the diverse and dynamic community in Dubai.

Job Details:

  • Company: Various Company
  • Title: Jobs in Dubai Supermarket 2023(Visa Sponsorship and Work Permit Available)
  • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
  • Location: Dubai


  • High School / Bachelors Degree / Diploma


  • 1-2 Years of Experience On Related Field

Job Responsibilities

We have various job positions available in Dubai supermarkets, each with unique responsibilities and opportunities for growth. Explore these roles below:

1. Supermarket Store Manager

  • Oversee daily store operations.
  • Manage staff, inventory, and budgets.
  • Ensure exceptional customer service and sales.

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2. Supermarket Cashier

  • Operate cash registers and handle customer transactions.
  • Provide friendly and efficient checkout service.
  • Maintain accurate cash and till records.

3. Supermarket Stock Clerk

  • Receive and organize incoming merchandise.
  • Stock shelves and ensure product availability.
  • Assist with inventory management.

4. Supermarket Deli Clerk

  • Prepare and serve deli products.
  • Assist customers with deli selections.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the deli area.

5. Supermarket Produce Associate

  • Handle and display fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Ensure the quality and freshness of produce.
  • Assist customers with product selection.

6. Supermarket Bakery Staff

  • Bake and prepare bakery items.
  • Assist customers with bakery orders.
  • Maintain bakery displays and cleanliness.

7. Supermarket Customer Service Representative

  • Assist customers with inquiries and issues.
  • Provide information about products and services.
  • Resolve customer complaints and concerns.

8. Supermarket Inventory Coordinator

  • Monitor inventory levels and order stock.
  • Conduct regular stock audits.
  • Ensure accurate and organized inventory.

9. Supermarket Security Officer

  • Ensure the safety and security of the supermarket.
  • Monitor surveillance systems.
  • Respond to security incidents and emergencies.

10. Supermarket Marketing Coordinator

  • Assist in planning and executing marketing campaigns.
  • Promote supermarket promotions and events.
  • Engage with customers through various marketing channels.

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Education and Qualification

Specific education and qualification requirements vary for each position. Please refer to the individual job listings for detailed qualifications.


  • Competitive salaries ranging from 4,500 AED to 9,900 AED per month, with potential performance-based bonuses.
  • Opportunities for career advancement within the supermarket industry.
  • Experience the diverse and dynamic retail environment in Dubai.
  • Visa Sponsorship and Work Permit assistance provided.


  • Monthly salary ranges from 4,500 AED to 9,900 AED, depending on the position and experience, with the possibility of additional performance-based bonuses.
Jobs in Dubai Supermarket 2023
Jobs in Dubai Supermarket 2023

How To Apply

To apply for any of the above positions in Dubai Supermarkets in 2023, please submit your CV/Resume using the following link: CV/Resume Submission Link

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Dubai’s supermarkets play a crucial role in serving the community, and we invite dedicated individuals to be a part of this essential industry. If you have the skills and commitment for any of these positions, seize the opportunity to work in one of Dubai’s thriving supermarket environments. Submit your application today and embark on a rewarding career in Dubai Supermarkets!

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