Top 10 Ideas To Earn Money From YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face

Many people want to start on YouTube and you get tutorials successful. But many of them are afraid to show their faces on YouTube videos. The creator leaves the idea of starting a YouTube channel for the fear of being watched on videos on YouTube.

Some creators can be seen on YouTube, some people are afraid of potential decisions and are embarrassed by their friends and other people who know them and other issues that may be seen on YouTube.

So in this post, I will make 10 conversations that can make the video without showing your face.

Can you make money on YouTube Without Showing Face?

This is the most common question of creators who want to start on YouTube without displaying the face. YouTube’s money has become tougher, but if you’re becoming the original content, you definitely make money on YouTube.

Let me make one thing clear that you can monetize your channel even if you are not showing your face. But make sure you’re using your voice in your own voice and your video has no computer-generated sounds.

So when you are using human sounds, you earn money online with your useless YouTube channel.

You can always change your followers once again for good followers or have enough confidence to show your face.

1. Use Presentation Slides

You can use the presentation slides created with Microsoft PowerPoint or Keyword and use them to create a sound on the video. You can also create slides with Google Slides and later use them to make videos.

These are actually ideal for creating annotation videos.

With simple animation and design, you can watch professional video on YouTube.

Powerpoint is a feature for recording your slide show and recording tradition with slideshows and finally export it as a video.

If you do not want to show your face and make videos on YouTube, then you can become a great way of style video videos to present.


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2. Create Whiteboard Animations

It’s another great way to start a YouTube channel without showing your face.

You can get started with software like amazing whiteboard animation video making software and watching online some tutorials online.

3. Screen Recording Videos

You must have watched a lesson on YouTube where the creators do something online by recording their computer or mobile phone screen.

You can also create video such as screen recording and start a YouTube channel.

There is a lot of screen recording software available on the Internet.

Cameras is a premium software for screening screen recording videos. Many free screen recording software is available if you do not want to pay.

4. Create Animation Videos

Another big idea of making videos without having to show your face can be animation videos.

If you’re good at making Animation Video, you can do it yourself or rent someone from Fiverr or Freelancer to work for you.

Animation video can be used almost anywhere. You can create fun videos, interpretation videos, how to play with animation videos

5. Product Reviews and DIY videos

Well, it’s another good idea to make a video without showing your face.

You can review a product in your product that is showing products in your hands or showing products only.

In addition, there is another great way of non-boxing products to generate useless videos. You only have to unlock any of your products from its box and show what’s next to the box.


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6. Gaming Channel Or Create Videos With Game-play videos

Gaming is one of the most successful inclinations on YouTube.

First of all, many of your successful tutors started with Game Streaming and Gameplay Video.
If you do not want to start a gaming channel, you can use your gameplay video so that you can create Voice Video at the bottom.

You can make Roast Videos or YouTube News or Updates Channel using your gameplay videos. Just show your gameplay record on the screen and use a character behind your place. This is the best way to engage your audience.

If you do not play games and want to use gameplay videos, you can get free to use gameplay videos from YouTube for free.

7. Podcasts

The main content on the podcast is mostly in its audio so that you can create a podcast if you do not want to see your YouTube video videos.

Start a podcast channel on any topic you are interested in. You can use a static image and record the entire audio and send it to YouTube.

Otherwise you can also use transit graphics or infographics in your podcast.

8. Stock Footage

If you want to make great videos without displaying your face, use online stock footage available.

You can also use stock photos available for free stock videos from sites such as Unsplash and Pixabay and Pexels.

Insert audio with photos and stock videos and proper modifications, you can create professional useless YouTube videos.

9. Music Videos

If you create original music and want to upload your channel, you can do it without showing your face.

Or just play guitar with your hands or cover your album cover and play the song in this background.

Otherwise, you can create a lyric video for your songs and post to your channel.


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10. Cooking Videos without showing face

If you want to start a cooking channel on YouTube, you can make videos without your face.

Show your ingredients and focus your camera on gas or oven and show your audience mix with your hand and monitor things so that you can make great cooking videos without showing your face.

Final Thoughts:

I think you should not be ready to show your face on your YouTube videos to prevent you from being the next successful YouTuber. So I hope this list of explicit video views on YouTube will help make your YouTube channel.

Please let me know what was your opinion in which you feel the most interested? In addition, if you have other unusual video views, leave them in the comments below.

Do not forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below with this.


Top 10 Ideas To Earn Money From YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face

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