Top 5 Best File Recovery Software for Windows & Mac – Download full version

Best Data Recovery Software of 2019. Top 5 Best File Recovery Software for Windows & Mac Download full version.

Data recovery apps are a dozen bucks today. With the release of recovery software on an almost daily basis, it can be very difficult to sort and identify the best app to restore data from storage devices like memory cards, hard drives, and USB sticks.

Once you follow the standard rules for relying on and installing using non-standard tools, you will eventually find a broad outline of the key factors that make some of these products stand out. Decides to stand on the spot.


The recovery program comes from Chlorophylls, one of the most experienced marketers, known worldwide because of its technical ability. The free version can be used for up to 500 MB of exported data.

All your deleted documents, photos, music, videos and more can be recovered quickly and easily. The app works seamlessly (in all popular Windows platforms: 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) Protecting lost and damaged files on external and internal storage devices that is FAT, NTF. Runs on S, HFS +, FAT 16, XT4, or any file system. Can think of you.

2. DATA RESCUE 5 for Windows

This recovery application provides tough competition to its peers, gaining its position in the top 5 apps. The power of Data Rescue 5 for Windows is simplicity. The interface is clean and easy to operate. Again, it performs any type of file restoration in the Windows version on all types of internal and external storage devices.

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3. photorec

Photo Arc is definitely one of the best data recovery programs to find. It has powerful file recovery capabilities that span a wide range of platforms. Whether it’s a digital camera or a traditional hard disk, Photo Rack has you covered.

4. testdisk

This revolutionary software used to be standard for data recovery programs, with its performance level and powerful recovery features. It was originally designed as an application that retrieves lost partitions and fixed disks that were not booted. This made it one of the best hard drive data recovery software on the market at one point. One of the drawbacks is the fact that this is a command-line

the tool, which is not easy for users who are accustomed to the simple user interface.


Currently one of the top data recovery programs, Recuva just installs to your machine and gets things done quickly, easy to use, and does whatever it says.

What we like:

Advanced deep scan mode.

Can be widely used to recover files from corrupted files and new format files.

Free-flowing and easy to use interface.

Protect overnight features that employ military-standard techniques.

Preview feature to view the recovered files for recovery.

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