Top Professional Computer Course with 100 % job guarantee for Every Student

Best Professional Computer Courses for Every Student After 10th

In the last few years, seeing the great boom in the information technology sector and software superpower, Pakistan current status is one of the preferred career options for today’s youth.

It is not a secret that today technology plays a big role in running almost every business. As per half estimation, 153 BN is on the way to Pakistan ITBP industry to touch USD 350bn mark by 2025.

Exports have increased by the ITBPM sector of Pakistan. 7-8% (excluding exchange rate).

The domestic market is expected to follow 10-11% inspirational suit and this year only 130,000-150,000 employment opportunities are included this year.

For students who want to take some steps before a career in this exciting domain, short-term computer-related courses or diplomas are not a lack of computer courses that can help you get started at the right level. Is.

Depending on the maximum short course courses, there is a period of 3 months or less (in some cases). On which successful, every student can be awarded a diploma or certification.


Top Professional Computer Course with 100 % job guarantee for Every Student


List of Best Computer Courses after 10th:

1. MS Office certification program:

Microsoft Office is well known as the MS Office, of course, one of the most commonly used software on a computer is a wide range of user-friendly applications, including most popular and best software MS Word, Excel And PowerPoint.

After the 10th train students using more advanced features and aspects of these popular applications, 3-6 months long MS Office computer courses, from those guests and retailers, steady data from the wheat figures. To enable a stable range. FMCG and eCommerce.

2. Animation and VFX:

Part of graphic designing, animation curriculum is becoming a popular computer course in which 10th students are required to join the search for a skilled field. According to a report by research and marketing, by 2021 Pakistan will move 15-20 percent to the smallest impact of the moving animation industry.

So if you like to love and drive your imagination wild on paper, you may be well suited for this special course. Popular career options available for students, after completing this course, are working.

  1. Freelance VFX Professional
  2. VFX Expert
  3. Film Animation Expert
  4. Visual Effects Expert
  5. Trainer
  6. Creative Head

3. Web designing and development:

After 12th, this particular computer-related course offers students a choice between two options – Short-term between computer science 3-6 months or a computer diploma course that can take up to one year During the period.

An integral part of computer science, it is all about teaching you how to design and maintain websites.

Looking at the growing popularity of the things (IOUT) Internet, even today small companies seduce their own websites. Such work options are very spectacular on the successful completion of this web designing course.

Some employees include some of the options you can add-

  1. Independent Web designer
  2. Web designer (with Agencies/Corporates/MNCs)
  3. Web Developer
  4. UEX Designer
  5. Graphics Designer

4. Graphic Designing:

To showcase your creativity, you can provide a great platform by joining the graphic designing course after 10th. With the introduction of computers, this series design is being used everywhere and there are multiple applications in different fields.

After completing this course, a student has to pursue several career options related to this design.

Graphics designer (independent/Freelance)
Corporate/Agency Graphics designer
Brand & Visual Identity manager
Printing specialist
Creative director
Graphic designer (with online magazines/websites/media/publishing firms)

5. Mobile application development:

Anime is an integral part of our lives today. By engaging online shopping to order food and play virtual games, these days are the app for almost everything. This is a trend that has made the development of mobile applications one of the fastest growing IT carriers.

A mobile application developer is generally responsible for designing effective mobile apps for these organizations and to improve their customer engagement process.

In this field short term, IT courses typically occur for a period of 6 months after 12th, although it can vary from the Institute to the Institute. After completing this course, there are popular career/job options.

  1. Application designer
  2. User Interface designer
  3. Application developer
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. App tester

6. Digital Marketing:

After the 10th is available, one of the new and more unique computer courses covers a large area of ​​digital marketing digital technology field.

The main aspects of this course include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMS), Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, lead generation, Brand Management, Web Analysis, and Mobile Marketing.

This course can be especially useful for those who want to start their own brand, run an independent business or start online business fields. After completion of this course, possible career options are included.

  1. Digital Marketer (independent)
  2. Digital Marketing professional
  3. Online Brand Management professional
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. SEO professional
  6. SEO consultant
  7. Digital Marketing instructor

7. Data entry operator course:

Once 12th is available, one of the most basic computer courses, this student’s computer typing, and data entry skills have been removed – which is the process of entering a computerized database or spreadsheet.

This course is suitable for those who do not want to find advanced knowledge of computers or not. This can help you enter entry-level / data entry jobs in most companies.

This course is usually held for six months but the Institute varies from the Institute. Employment options are included here;

Data entry operator (full time)
Freelance data entry operator (online)

8. Adobe Photoshop

9. Adobe Premiere

10. Adobe After Effects


As a result:

After your 12th or computer diploma course, you choose a short-term computer course, make sure you do it with a recognized and approved institute.

Taking advantage of the growing demand, thousands of institutions that are doing business in the country, but each of them are not real or recognized. So please exercise very carefully.

In addition, please inquire about related issues like the institute’s identification status, fee structure, subject of subject, faculty, and labels.

Once you’ve been sure to verify that the teacher is above all the parameters mentioned above the board. Last but not least, remember to check and verify your platform records if you have your preference after completion of the course.


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